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See also dopamine ; indolamine ; catecholamine ; biogenic amine. This may be part of a sadomasochistic repertory or a fetishistic paraphilia as is coprophilia. The analogue of sexual addiction to a given stimulus is drinking addiction to alcohol, from which the concept derives. Are you going tout all these arguments for female circumcision as well? Layla June 4th, at 4: The reciprocal paraphilic condition is sometimes also referred to as scoptophilia; or by its own name, autagonistophilia.

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Circumcision is Not The Devil

As the partner of a sadist, a person may impersonate a masochist for commercial gain, within the limits set by the pain threshold. See also eroticism ; sex ; sexuality. Again, a dude can be fine at 25 and miserable at See also perceptual image. Properly carried out, circumcision should bring improvement to 85 to 90 per cent of cases - with resulting cure of psychosomatic illness and prevention of divorces. Opponent-process theory explains addictions to opioids, alcohol, other drugs, and to the positive and negative affective states of love, fear and anxiety, and behaviors such as exercise and combat of a war or sporting event. It usually is life-long.

Circumcision is Not The Devil | The Case Against Intactivism

It cannot be measured directly. Based on your other comments, I am pretty skeptical about your claim to Judaism. Scott's brief answer to a question sent to the journal would appear to count against any such claim: My life since then has included constant learning about human sexuality. And those histories reveal that intactivism is in part an understandable reaction to violations they experienced in infancy and childhood.
And there are cut men who have too little skin left to allow comfortable erections. Acquiescence on the part of the partner induces a fresh round of threat and violence from the biastophile. A properly performed circumcision without complications does not in-and-of-itself appear to drastically alter the sex life. See also narratophilia ; adjective , pictophilic: In paraphilia, continuance of the fantasy is necessary for the paraphile, so as to distract attention away from the other partner, which alone ensures that orgasm does occur. In some regions parents should feel obligated to pay for a cosmetic surgery but not in others?

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